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Solid State Drive Virtual Summit

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Welcome to the Avnet Embedded Solid State Drive Virtual Summit. A free, on-demand technical summit that offers the latest in product and technical information from leading SSD manufacturers – all in a virtual setting!

The worldwide SSD market is experiencing unprecedented growth and is quickly becoming the fastest evolving element in the storage market today. Join Avnet Embedded, and leading SSD manufacturers, for an in-depth look at the reasons why now is the time to integrate SSD in your current and future designs.

With increased need for improved processing technology being driven by greater complexity and demanding applications, the adoptions of SSD in all applications is quickly and significantly growing. Register now for the Avnet Embedded SSD Virtual Summit and participate in more than 25 on-demand seminars that will prepare you for making the best choice for SSDs.


Explore more than 25 webinar presentations featuring a host of hot design topics:

  • How SSDs and cloud computing change the IO adapter benchmark
  • Leverage the different implications of SSD storage to accelerate key business applications
  • Incorporating SSD into your storage solution development
  • And much more!



Who Should Attend?

Attendees to the Avnet SSD Virtual Summit are:

  • Responsible for their company’s next generation platform;
  • Currently in the product-selection phase of a design;
  • Looking for the real-story on SSD performance;
  • Seeking advice from the top SSD and RAID manufacturers;
  • Interested in learning more about the latest trends for SSD applications including tiered storage in data centers, SSD’s in rugged embedded computing, high performance Caching, and much more.

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